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UNIBRA Mission Statement

We are a genuine family business with a long history and proven track record. Passionate, professional, driven, and result-oriented as we are, we have never lost sight of our underlying human values, either in our brewery activities or in our construction and real estate projects. Transforming and facilitating is in our DNA, but people are the heart of our business.

In our business we transform and we convert.
We transform malt into the best beers that bring people together in an environment of conviviality, friendship, and relaxation. Within this transformation agenda we employ, train and ensure optimal working conditions for our African breweries’ employees, which also benefits the local community. We respect local culture and traditions while minimising our impact on the environment.
We convert sand, concrete, and stones into the most beautiful, safe and comfortable places to work, live and relax. The end result is outstanding projects in unique locations with a strong social and economic relevance which are delivered because of our core respect for customers, partners and other stakeholders, our sense of perfection and our thorough understanding of the real estate market.
Our core values are:

As an international company we transcend continents, origins and cultural differences. We embrace and encourage diversity. Respect and trust are central to our thinking and operations. We strive to ensure a positive working environment so everyone can develop to the fullest and perform at their best.

At Unibra, we are infused with ‘entrepreneurial spirit’. Each of us knows our actions and initiatives form part of a larger picture that determines the company’s growth. Teamwork, flexibility, and creativity are rewarded and everyone can make genuine mistakes. We must learn from any mistakes. This is passion!!

We strive for excellence at every level and we are highly motivated by this common goal. We sharpen our skills continuously with the goal of improving results. Teamwork pays off, at both the individual and collective level. We tackle the challenges of everyday life with limitless passion and profound confidence.

Operating ethically aligns perfectly with our values and convictions. Reliable, conscientious and transparent, we treat everyone as we want to be treated ourselves, with a deep-rooted respect for employees, clients, suppliers and stakeholders. This integrity gives us the drive to challenge others in the interest of the company, fairly and responsibly.

At Unibra, we take our communal and environmental responsibility very seriously. We want to contribute to a better, safer, sustainable world in every aspect of our operations and decision making, including the use of renewable raw materials, humane and environmentally friendly technologies and positive social impact.

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