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Gravity - LU.


for sale

‘Gravity’ in Differdange is a high-profile contemporary residential tower rising in a rapidly developing region. Its timeless, refined design is a product of the internationally renowned and acclaimed Moreno Architecture and Petitdidier Prioux Architectes architectural firms. The building is a genuine landmark that sets the tone for its surroundings. It has been given ingenious mixed use: 80 residential units on 10,000 m2, 5000 m2 of office space, 4000 m2 of commercial space on the ground floor, an 800 m2 day-care centre and 120 studios (‘co-living’ option) on 5000 m2. Commissioning is planned for the summer of 2023.

For more information, please contact
Mrs. Miranda De Bie +352 691 77 37 74

For some more pictures, please Click here.

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