Dream big & live it

Our strength is that we stay close to our Belgian roots.

This amazing family story begins back in 1829, when Édouard Caulier, farmer and artisan-brewer, established his business in Neufvilles (Hainaut). The venture was a success, and a second brewery was opened in Mons in 1852.
Under the impetus of his son Edmond, mayor of Neufvilles and senator, the family business expanded rapidly and soon outgrew the borders of Hainaut, in particular with the construction of a brewery in Brussels in 1869.
The mash tubs multiplied over the decades, with numerous successful products such as Gauloise, Vieille Brune, Saison Caulier and the iconic Perle 28 Caulier.

Today, despite its international reputation, the group still keeps close to its Belgian roots. The company aims to perpetuate flavour and tradition, know-how and quality, but also a spirit of innovation.

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